Sunday, December 18, 2011

Food Magazine Covers

There used to be an Australian food magazine in the 70s/80s that did some of the most avant garde, amazing, artful covers of any food magazine around. It sadly is no longer (why why why) but ever since I came across a collection of the title from a Melbourne exhibition, I have had a mild obsession with clever magazine covers involving food. These ones without a doubt have me following that tangent of "shit why why why didn't I think of that; why why why am I not as clever as tom, dick and harry." I was reminded of the collection after seeing that amazing Nigella cover from a few weeks ago where she is literally dripping in salted caramel. Meh that woman is aa-mma-zing.
BTW - if you get a chance seek out Fricote - a french food magazine (with English translation) - it is spectacular.

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