Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's a bake fest...

I have been testing a few recipes for a book signing in October at the amazing Kinokuniya bookstore at the Galleries Victoria building in the Sydney CBD. I was told not to worry about any food but of course my first thought was "what if people are a bit peckish?" 

Considering this is the state in which I spend 99.9% of my meagre existence, I disregarded this comment entirely and of course will provide a few necessary snacks for the kind folks who turn up on the night (hint hint). So far some fairly indulgent cookies and little individual orange blossom cakes with strawberry and candied clementines. These cakes are my bastardised version of the delights found at Black Star Pastry, if you haven't been there, bust your butt to Newtown. One word. Amaazing. 

I will never forget shopping with one of my best friends in the village in New York and we sat down with the store owners for some cookies and a sneaky shot (or three) of brandy. It was so delightful, completely unexpected and such a sweet experience that I dont think I'll look at the humble choc-chip bic in the same way ever again. I also racked up the credit card (and my girlfriend's) in-store at warp speed so perhaps my relationship with the biscuit is a little bittersweet....

Tomorrow more testing - wild willow and raspberry macaroons.
Watch this space...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh Paree....

Cannot believe it is two years since I was studying in Paris. How time flies and what a whirlwind it has been since. To think I was meeting the likes of Herve Thiss - molecular gastronomy legend,listening to Alain Ducasse debating cooking as science versus love, walking to the original Le Cordon Bleu for classes each day and visiting Reims to drink champagne at the Roederer family residence. Take me back. Take me back right now dammit.

Paris is hands down (and I do not care how cliche I sound) one of the worlds' most spectacular cities. Paris....I miss you. Cannot wait to see you again soon.

Yep this is my tragic "can I please have a picture with you Herve"

A macaroon tree in Pierre Hermes Paris

Le Cordon Bleu - front window. Paris

My mild obsession with all the produce at the markets. Why is it, everything seems that little bit more delightful when in Paris?

You cant tell here but these scallops were the size of my head - huge!

Looking down at just one tiny part of the food market - just incredible the amount of produce

Ash rind goats curd anyone? Heaven.

Chef - Le Cordon Bleu Paris

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cool shit

Absolutely wrecked after madly cooking and styling for a shoot that finished yesterday (pics coming) so instead of working I have spent the day swilling cups of Lady Grey and travelling the information super highway. I found a heap of brilliant foodie things that have resulted in numerous "shit why didn't I think of that, I am so jealous" sorts of episodes.

Here are a few faves.


Hats off to this delightful broad who decided the only way to have a sandwich and cake is to have it delivered. By a woman on a pink bike who uses organic ingredients, seasonal vegetables and uber-cute packaging no less. I'm tempted to get myself some wheels (and a career change) when I see sites like these.

Anyone know what this font is - love this.

Someone get this girl to a bbq. Or to this BBQ in particular in the ever delightful NYC. Where are those damn Dorothy shoes so I can click my heels 3 times or whatever it takes to get my shiz to some bbq-lovin kind of Kansas.

By the way it has a meat mural.And whisky. And soft buns.
I know....

Lavender Lemonade
The weather is warming up and I can image a pop of vodka swirled through this lovely lemonade at some afternoon soiree - yep think that would be just about right washing over my voice box.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Making Pork Sexy

Part of writing a book is about letting it go. For so long it is your baby and then all of a sudden it's about finding the right babysitter. I was one of those overbearing stressy first mother types - no one will look after it the way I can yady yada. 

I have never been so wrong. 

Luckily for me there was a host of amazing creatives who took care of my baby and did all those behind-the-scene and often thankless tasks that make a dream a book. So a massive thank you to the likes of Anthony Teoh and Huey Lau who did some gorgeous illustrations. Here are a few of Anthony's illos that didn't make it into the book and my absolute favourite is the reclining piglet - "making pork sexy". I love it. It makes me smile.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Go Away Rain

This is about all I feel like doing today. I dare say my ass would not look quite the vision in the lacy white french knickers sprawled across the grass but I definitely could get my sleep on.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Spoonful of Happiness

I recently had the opportunity of writing for a delightful zine called Spoonful - a Happiness Companion. The premise of this publication is to take time out of your day and have a moment of happiness. Its creator and tireless advocator  Anthea Krook deserves a "stand and applause" for creating such a lovely zine with the works of artists, writers and creative types from the world over. The content is short, sharp and well...super happy. 

I wrote for a section called Spilt Milk - the idea being to celebrate failure rather than hide from it . It was fun, cathartic and a brilliant opportunity for yours truly to wax lyrical about the joys (or lack of) of the food writing world. Here is a peak at my article.

I encourage you to pop over to Spoonful and check out Issue 5 that has just been released.It's a beauty.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Cookie Monster and Cookbooks

So I was searching out some insight from other authors on what exactly to do for a cookbook launch. For so long it has been about some serious time in the kitchen testing and then in front of the laptop writing, editing, writing, editing,blah blah. Then all of a sudden its about media appearances and having to talk about yourself.Eek. How horrid when all you actually really want to do is cook.
I should have realised Kermit and the Cookie Monster were my go to guys - when in doubt keep it simple - beginning to end - and eat. 

Quite literally.