Kitchen Coquette

A fresh, exciting, and stylish cookbook for young women

Not your typical breakfast-lunch-dinner format cookbook, this book knows that what you cook to fortify the soul is vastly different to what you might cook to impress a first date. It provides the recipes with the context, whether the reader wants to feed 10 hungry friends, the man of her dreams, or her lovely grandma; and it even provides a bite to eat for all those inspired in-between moments. Whether it is the first dinner date at home (Crispy Blue Cheese Ravioli, Raddichio and Walnut Salad with Quince Dressing), the family reunion (Beer-Battered Onion Halves with Chorizo, Feta and Olives), coping with heartbreak (Rose Vodka or Cinnamon Caipirinha), or cooking for potential in-laws (Caramelised Chipotle Chicken with Chipotle Glaze and Parsnip Fries), all occasions are covered in this funny, approachable cookbook. This go-to guide gives cooks a sense of achievement, while embracing all those tear-ruined, sweaty-palmed, and swear-word fueled moments of life—all while providing the dish that suits. Includes dual measures.

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