Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Spoonful of Happiness

I recently had the opportunity of writing for a delightful zine called Spoonful - a Happiness Companion. The premise of this publication is to take time out of your day and have a moment of happiness. Its creator and tireless advocator  Anthea Krook deserves a "stand and applause" for creating such a lovely zine with the works of artists, writers and creative types from the world over. The content is short, sharp and well...super happy. 

I wrote for a section called Spilt Milk - the idea being to celebrate failure rather than hide from it . It was fun, cathartic and a brilliant opportunity for yours truly to wax lyrical about the joys (or lack of) of the food writing world. Here is a peak at my article.

I encourage you to pop over to Spoonful and check out Issue 5 that has just been released.It's a beauty.

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  1. mighty honoured to be mentioned on the best crumb of all time!!!!
    Thanks beautiful maestro :) xxxxxxxx hehe