Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh Paree....

Cannot believe it is two years since I was studying in Paris. How time flies and what a whirlwind it has been since. To think I was meeting the likes of Herve Thiss - molecular gastronomy legend,listening to Alain Ducasse debating cooking as science versus love, walking to the original Le Cordon Bleu for classes each day and visiting Reims to drink champagne at the Roederer family residence. Take me back. Take me back right now dammit.

Paris is hands down (and I do not care how cliche I sound) one of the worlds' most spectacular cities. Paris....I miss you. Cannot wait to see you again soon.

Yep this is my tragic "can I please have a picture with you Herve"

A macaroon tree in Pierre Hermes Paris

Le Cordon Bleu - front window. Paris

My mild obsession with all the produce at the markets. Why is it, everything seems that little bit more delightful when in Paris?

You cant tell here but these scallops were the size of my head - huge!

Looking down at just one tiny part of the food market - just incredible the amount of produce

Ash rind goats curd anyone? Heaven.

Chef - Le Cordon Bleu Paris

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