Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cool shit

Absolutely wrecked after madly cooking and styling for a shoot that finished yesterday (pics coming) so instead of working I have spent the day swilling cups of Lady Grey and travelling the information super highway. I found a heap of brilliant foodie things that have resulted in numerous "shit why didn't I think of that, I am so jealous" sorts of episodes.

Here are a few faves.



Hats off to this delightful broad who decided the only way to have a sandwich and cake is to have it delivered. By a woman on a pink bike who uses organic ingredients, seasonal vegetables and uber-cute packaging no less. I'm tempted to get myself some wheels (and a career change) when I see sites like these.

Anyone know what this font is - love this.

Someone get this girl to a bbq. Or to this BBQ in particular in the ever delightful NYC. Where are those damn Dorothy shoes so I can click my heels 3 times or whatever it takes to get my shiz to some bbq-lovin kind of Kansas.

By the way it has a meat mural.And whisky. And soft buns.
I know....

Lavender Lemonade
The weather is warming up and I can image a pop of vodka swirled through this lovely lemonade at some afternoon soiree - yep think that would be just about right washing over my voice box.

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