Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Simple basil and mint ice cream

This isn’t so much a recipe as it is a few simple fantastic ingredients making friends in your blender and then your belly. It is the perfect way to use up the last of your summer basil and it is so light and refreshing, a hybrid ice cream meets frozen yoghurt. It may well end up as your go to dessert with a bowl of strawberries, much like it is mine.  Or plop a scoop or two into some waffle cones at your next bbq and be everyone’s best friend.

Best of all, it takes all of five seconds of your life to make. I’ve made it with and without an ice cream machine and to be honest the difference in results is so negligible, you may as well just skip the machine altogether. Minimum fuss for maximum outcome. Perfect.

1 bunch fresh basil, leaves picked
¼ bunch mint, leaves picked (or more to taste)
1 litre thick natural yoghurt
200g caster sugar300g mascarpone cheese

Add all ingredients to the blender. Blitz until well combined and sugar has dissolved. Pour into a freezer proof container, cover with cling film to prevent ice crystals forming and freeze overnight. Best consumed within a few days of making.

Note: If you wanted something a little more tart, add the sugar gradually, stopping when the yoghurt mix is sweetened to your liking.


  1. That looks amazing Katrina, love the colour!

    1. Thanks Jane - for some reason I only received your lovely comment this morning. Strange....
      Hope you are well

  2. What a lovely flavour combination, this will be great for hot days in Summer!

    FoodNerd x

    1. Definitely. Helps us pretend summer is still here