Monday, March 17, 2014

Kitchen Aid & Delicious Mag Dinner

Recently I was invited by Kitchen Aid to a Delicious Magazine Produce Awards Dinner at Martin Boetz's restaurant Rushcutters. In all honesty I usually avoid these kinds of things like the plague - I've had my fill of watered down conversations and chardonnay to last me a lifetime and then some; I'd rather stab myself in the eye with my fork. But you know what, I had a really really lovely night. The crew from Kitchen Aid, Delicious Mag and Filtered Media were such a nice bunch - one of those rare  moments you walk away and realise it was simply a table full of friends you hadn't met yet. 

And the food, well it was just beautiful. If Martin Boetz could do no wrong before (thank you Longrain for being one of the great food loves of my life) he continues at Rushcutters, using produce from his Cooks Co-op farm. And it was bonkers awesome. Lucky for me and now lucky for you, here is one of the recipes from the night. From Marty's hands to yours. Why thank you Chef Boetz.

I'm still trying to get my hands on the dessert recipe and if I have any luck will share it with you here soon - hand on heart I am still dreaming about it. But for now, try this mulloway dish. Immediately. You won't regret it. 

Martin Boetz.
Palmers Mulloway with watercress chives & Capertee saffron vinaigrette.

2x   180g pieces of mid cut mulloway fillets
8x   thin slices of cured pork leg 
salt & white pepper
Picked watercress
1 small bunch chives snipped in 1cm lengths
Lemon juice
olive oil

Saffron vinaigrette

300ml   dry white wine
80ml     white wine vinegar
!/2 teaspoon of saffron threads
1 teaspoon sugar
salt & white pepper to taste
60ml olive oil

In a heavy based saucepan add the white wine, wine vinegar & saffron threads
gently simmer until reduced by three-quarters.
Add the sugar and stir in until dissolved.
Whisk through the olive oil taste for seasoning then set aside

Method fish.

Wrap each fillet completely in the cured pork.

Heat a non stick pan & sear the fillets on both sides until pork is golden around 4 minutes each side.

remove from the pan & rest.

Toss the watercress & chives together dress with olive oil & lemon juice salt & white pepper.

To assemble 

Cut the fish on a diagonal & place in the bowl with the saffron vinaigrette & move around gently so the fish is flavoured
Arrange the watercress & chives in a serving bowl
Place the fish pieces on the leaves & spoon over more of the vinaigrette.

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  1. It's a truly pretty dish & sounds like a dream event. Glad to hear it was a tasty one!