Thursday, January 19, 2012

Adelaide & The Barossa

I was lucky enough to spend a few delightful days in the Barossa Valley for a story I am writing. After much wine tasting, some amazing hospitality and enjoying some of the best produce I have ever tasted, I am sadly back home. 
I lived for a relatively short time in another Australian wine region and hand on heart had said that it would never be the life for me but the Barossa changed everything. Here those marketing terms that we so often hear bandied about are actually a genuine way of life. Premium produce. Community. Artisan. Seasonal. There is no beating of the chest here, deals are still done on a handshake and the locals are so damn friendly it hurts. I am already plotting my next trip back.

Pit stop at Adelaide's Central Market for road trip supplies

Heaven found in the Barossa

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