Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The book is here.

Agghh it is here. Ever since I received the Julia Child scholarship two years ago I have been working on a book. A book on bistronomy. A French (well loosely french) food philosophy that combines the technique, rigour and creative wonder of Michelin with a more casual cafe environment. With more than 100 recipes from chefs spanning the globe the book also delves into the type of chef, terroir, wine and the philosophies behind it. It has been a fascinating, hugely entertaining, stressful and awe inducing process. I signed the contract for the book in the throes of terrible morning sickness - anyone on Sydney's lower north shore who witnessed a woman vomiting in the street bin just outside Allen & Unwin/Murdoch Books - I apologise. Deeply. 

While writing the book I renovated a house and at 39 weeks pregnant had no bathroom to speak of and no desk to write. But somehow I submitted on time. I'm still not quire sure how. Challenge seems to be the subtext of the book though and I managed several photoshoots with chefs, ingredients being confiscated at airports and all sorts of fun things with a 14 week baby along for the ride.

Perhaps not my finest hour (s) but I live to tell the tale and guess what, I think its a pretty fine book. I hope you do to and I'd love to know what you think. Here are a few sneak peaks and I will be putting more up soon with some great behind the scenes to give you an idea of what was involved and how we went about shooting so many different chefs and styles. The photos below are from a recent Broadsheet review of the book. There will be recipes and giveaways and all sorts of book pimping kind of posts to follow. But only good ones I promise. xo


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