Monday, June 30, 2014

A newly appointed chopping god

Oliva Elite 7 Inch Kullenschliff Santoku Knife
Ok so thankfully from the get go we decided that the giveaway winner had to be picked at random - thank god because some of the stories are simultaneously stomach turning and completely awesome. Its nice to know that there are other people out there with forever changed fingers, nails, wrists and forearms thanks to a little accidental hokey pokey in the kitchen. But we are all still cooking, which is a seriously wonderful thing.

The winner of the two amazing, totally beautiful Olive Elite knives thanks to the generous folk at Messermeister is......(cue drumroll)...JN.

Here is her hilarious account of a knife injury. Hilarious only because she is obviously a-ok to tell the story.

I left my chef’s knife standing upright in the drying rack with the intention of drying it after closing the sash window in front of me. While closing the window, my left hand slipped and I stabbed my left forearm with the knife (it was so sharp I didn’t feel it!). The force was great enough to get the end of the knife embedded in my forearm bone (ulna), which then broke off and shattered into several pieces in my arm. A trip to A&E, a few X-rays, several hours and four cosmetic surgeons later, they had managed to remove all the pieces of shattered knife from my arm – except for the piece that was lodged in the bone. A visit to the orthopaedic surgeon the next day concluded that the only way to remove the remaining piece of the knife was to break my bone. I declined, and endured another few months of weekly X-rays so the surgeon could monitor that the bone was successfully knitting over the knife. It’s still there to this day (as is the scar), and I do sometimes set off metal detectors in airports! Most amusing part of the whole story – my partner arriving at A&E wielding the rest of the knife (why?!) resulting in a security commotion. The worst part of the whole story – losing my beautiful chef’s knife :(

There is some more info on the knives here if you are keen to see the full range. 
The steak knife and the Santoku most definitely are on my birthday wish list. Seriously ahhmmazing.


  1. Hey Katrina! The knives arrived yesterday and, OMG, they beautiful! Thank you very much to you guys and Messermeister for the opportunity to enter (and win) your competition. I am still staring at the knives in awe, and will be putting them to use for the first time this evening. Hopefully no accidents, just some slick and sexy chopping! X

    1. So glad to hear they arrived safely and I hope you enjoy them