Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Parlans Stockholm

Feeling a little wistful for one of my favourite pitstops last year, Parlans in Stockholm. This gorgeous little store sells toffee caramels - made on site by hand, wrapped and boxed by hand in the most amazing flavours. The packaging is enough to make you swoon but the salted caramel or the passionfruit and raspberry and licorice.....it's like eating heaven. Anyone going soon, and could you pop a few extra boxes of caramels in the suitcase for the trip home? I know most of Stockholm is "try -and-shove-in-the-suitcase" worthy but these little delights are the perfect gift, just make sure you buy more than you think you need. Plan B, anyone willing to open an artisanal caramel and toffee store?

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