Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bellini Slushies

Bellini Slushies - the perfect drink for the race that stops the nation.

Melbourne Cup is the one day of the year that I don't love what I do. As a freelancer, the joys of not working in an office are endless, except in November when I wish I was with everyone else. Preferably at the race, but if not, off to lunch or enjoying chicken sandwiches and a glass of shampoo together in the boardroom, placing bets and watching the race. I daresay this year though I am prepared. And that preparation comes in the form of bellini slushies for this week's column on Daily Life - a lovely frosty combination of peach nectar and champagne.

The mixed drink seems to have a bad reputation. Sad really when said reputation rarely has anything to do with taste and everything to do with those people who drink something in the hope it says something about how they’d like to be perceived. But let’s be honest, the red wine and cola combo. Heaven. And the lemonade ‘n’ beer shandy. Well, that’s pure genius. The greatest though, hands down, is the Bellini. The heady fruity concoction of peach and the slight tartness of champagne are soul mates, and it is the perfect accessory for the race that stops the nation. It’s pretty to look at, its svelte, long and lean in the glass, it has bubbles and its lower alcohol content means the majority of us can at least numb the pain of the stilettos while maintaining uber-sophisticated race day conversation like ‘form’, ‘handicaps’ and ‘home turns’.

Serves 6

750ml Prosecco
330ml peach nectar
2 tbsp caster sugar

Add all ingredients to a freezer proof bowl. Stir to combine and until sugar has dissolved. Cover and refrigerate overnight. The champagne means the mixture will be icy and pulpy. To serve, quickly run a spoon through the mixture then heap into glasses and serve immediately.

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  1. Oh this looks lovely.

    and yes, shandies are inspired, I'm not ashamed to say I love them (even though others have teased me for it!)