Thursday, August 23, 2012

Au Revoir

Finally, I am on my way. After what seems a never ending amount of deadlines, I'm in the airport lounge, about to jump on the plane and commence my gastronomic assault on Paris. 

But nothing happens without a hitch.... few stressful moments before the flight - missing passports, bag weighing far more than it should etc etc.

This was my Sous Chef Molly seriously unimpressed that she hasn't been invited on the trip taking my bag hostage while I was trying to pack.

Guilt trips aside, my computer decided to take an early break, and this may have been me, earlier today, at the MAC help desk on George St. For a proper mental picture, replace the SJP killer hair, outfit and pearls with dark circles under the eyes, panic, tears and swearing... lots of swearing.

So to the deadlines I didn't meet thanks to my little glitch....

And in theme for my impending research, Julia wonderful Julia. I stumbled across this while reading some of her birthday tributes - she would have been 100 years this month. So Happy Birthday Jules. If only cooking shows were more like this - I think more people would watch them. Hilarious, and real and natural.

Posting may be a little intermittent while I am away but I will do my best.


  1. Have a fantastic time!


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