Friday, April 13, 2012

Blogging Comp

People's Choice Award

The Sydney Writers Centre is putting on a great competition for local blogs of which yours truly is involved in - as you can probably gather from that big blue shiny button. Would love, love, love if you could vote for this little crumb - its as easy peasy as clicky on this link here then just ticking the box next to the other crumb. You then enter your email address and click done. Don't forget to click the done to make the vote count.

Thanks so much. Will post more soon - elbow deep in cupcakes reading for a wedding tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Good luck Katrina with the Blogging awards. You've got a vote from me.

    I was lucky enough to see Valerie Khoo from the SWC at the recent Digital Parents Conference - she is amazing and these awards really do matter.

  2. Thanks so much Di, appreciate you taking the time to vote.
    Did you put your blog in any of the categories?
    BTW I got the Dan L baking book - oh dear, the obsession grows!