Thursday, February 2, 2012

Without a kitchen...

I've been a lax blogger of late but I have ready "the dog ate my homework" excuses - I have had no kitchen and I have the photos to prove it. You see we bought a house and the kitchen was teeny. I mean teeny tiny - if you opened a cupboard there was no room to get around it and as far as I was concerned definitely not enough room to cook. There were more than a few Derek Zoolander moments of "What is this, a kitchen for ants" So we took it upon ourselves to rip it out. At first the deconstruction was mildly therapeutic...then the plumbing went to shit (not literally) and to cut a long story short, we are still trying to build a new kitchen in another part of the house. But hip hip hurrah, only another week or so and off I will go. Many a recipe from the new kitchen to come soon.

Oh and any suggestions for what to do with the weird hole we now have where the kitchen used to be would be greatly appreciated. It currently looks like some weird concentration camp inspired isolation cell.


  1. A moodily-lit, cosy space for your cookbook library. Comfy rest-your-wine-glass-on-my-arms chair (possibly a dodgy 70s affair, or maybe something Swedish?) a must of course.